Take a look (if you dare) inside my magical imagination where enchanted creatures are alive and wreaking havoc. It’s Christmas all year round and you escape to mystical lands filled with stories from folklore, fairy tales, fantasy and legend.

My creations are soft sculpture worked using raw silk, mixed media, vintage found pieces of material from old dresses, hats or jewellery that have fallen apart and amazing found items such as teapots, cups, boxes and bottles.

The beautiful backdrops for a lot of my fantastical worlds are created using watercolour, pen, ink and gold, silver or bronze leaf. I incorporate natural, organic finds that I discover on my travels in forests and on beaches such as seed heads, wood, pebbles, shells, lichen and feathers.

My world brings to life sentimental scenes, recreating the essence of times gone by, recapturing romance, humour, nostalgia and evoking strong emotions and precious memories…but watch out!…there is sometimes a dark side!



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